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Vol.1 (Jan 19, 2023). 2.6 GB. 219 Tracks. NonStop 20:21:47
Vol.2 (Jan 19, 2023). 2.6 GB. 221 Tracks. NonStop 19:41:09
Vol.3 (Jan 19, 2023). 2.3 GB. 214 Tracks. NonStop 17:46:39


112 North Duck - Gravedigger.
12BBB - Love That Burns.
3AM - Glory Box.
511  Big Wolf Band - Darkest Of My Days.
72Blues - Not No More.
8 Ball Aitken - High Water.
956 - Sad Blues.
Aaron Frazer - Love Is.
Absolution - Empty I'm Down.
Adi Barar Band - Rock Me Baby.
Adrian Thommas Band - Downtown.
Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color.
Alastair Greene Band - Calling For You.
Albert Castiglia - Let The Big Dog Eat.
Albert Cummings & Tommy Shannon - Lonely Bed.
Albert Cummings - Rumors.
Alex Jenkins & The Bombers - Over You.
Alex McKown - Gone Too Long.
All Them Witches - Charles William.
American Minor - Cheaters & Non-Believers.
Andreas Diehlmann Band - Don't Go.
Andy Lindquist - When You're Yesterday's News.
Armchair Soldier - What Was I Thinking.
Ash Grunwald - Lady Luck.
Avey Grouws Band - Mariana.
Avi Rosenfeld & Ethel Aldrete - I Know That Its You.
BBB - Tell Me.
BDL (Blues DeLuxe) - Help Me.
BRAD HENSHAW & THE ROAD KINGS - Riders on the Storm.
Back Door Slam - Hear Me Lord.
Bad Daddy - Blue On You.
Barrel Bones - Tear Me Down.
Barry Darnell - Tore My Heart.
Barry Goudreau's Engine Room - Time.
Beelzebub Jones - The Crossing Place (Ft Half Deaf Clatch).
Ben Beckendorf - VooDoo Moon.
Ben Granfelt - Arms of an Angel.
Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings - You've Put A Spell On Me.
Bernard Allison - Help Me Through The Day.
Bernard Allison - Slip Slidin’.
Bernard Allison - Strain On My Heart.
Bernard Allison Group - Allsion Way.
Bernie Marsden - I'll Play The Blues For You.
Big Al And The Heavyweights - Everybody Needs Somebody.
Big Black Bible Blues Band - Capsized.
Big Joe Shelton - Best I Can Tell.
Big John Jordan - Blues After Dark.
Big Mike Griffin - Broken Strings.
Big Mike Griffin - Love Will Never Die.
Big Wolf Band - Darkest Of My Days.
Billy F Gibbons - You’re What’s Happenin’, Baby.
Billy Hector - Whiskey.
Billy Thompson - Stranger.
Billy Walton Band - Confusion.
Blaa Trikaa - Part of My Soul.
Black Diamond Heavies - Bidin' My Time.
Blacktop Deluxe - Colour Me Gone.
Blindstone - Deliverance At The Crossroads.
Blue Attitude - J A B J.
Blue Toothpick - Don't Write Me Off.
BlueTouch - Reconsider Baby.
BlueTouch - Smiling In The Rain.
Blues Ball - Her Memory.
Blues Bureau - Ride On.
Blues Cousins - Darkest Blues.
Blues Cousins - Girl From Russia.
Blues Cousins - Sleepless Night.
Blues Merchants - Porpoise Blues.
Blues Point - Breaking up Somebody's Home.
Blues Power Band - Memento Mon.
BluesMix - Why Did You Have To Go.
Bluesbury - 32 Blues.
Bluesman - Cold Coffee and Cigarettes.
Bo Molasses - You've Put Your Voodoo On Me.
Bobby Flurie - Suffer To Play The Blues.
Bonjah - Bullet In The Barrel.
Brad Wilson - Change It Up.
Brad Wilson - I'm Still Breathing.
Brandon Lane - That Kind Of Love.
Brandon Miller Band - Night After Night.
Brett Ellis Band - Empty Bottle.
Brian Grey - Part Time Blues.
Brian Tarquin - Vegas Blue.
Bridget Kelly Band - Snow Fall.
Bryce Janey - Time Doesn't Wait.
Buck 69 - Cold Wind.
Buck 69 - Good Days Bad Days.
Buck 69 - These Blues.
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - Town Pump.
Caboose - Fortune.
Casey James - Here To Please.
Cat Sass Blues Band - Ghost Train.
Cathy Lemons & Johnny Ace - Used To These Blues.
Cathy Lemons and Johnny Ace - Get This Thing Off'a My Back.
Charlie Bedford - No Rain No Flowers.
Charlie Vitamine - Bleeding Heart.
Chigger Red - Drunk, Broke And Blue.
Chris Bell & 100% Blues - It's Not My Cross To Bear.
Chris Bell & 100% Blues - More Things Change.
Chris Bell - Elevator To Heaven.
Chris Rea - Burning Feet.
Chris Rea - Restless Soul.
Christian Collin - Dead Man Walking.
Cirkus Prutz - Blues For Fallen Brothers.
Climax Blues Band - 17th Street Canal.
Coen Wolters Band - Ain't No Way.
Coen Wolters Band - Dance on the moon.
Cold Blue Water - Catfish Blooz.
Colin Perry - How I Feel.
Corey Stephenson - Wasted Times.
Corey Stevens - Got To Be Some Changes Made.
Cotton Belly's - I Won't Lie.
Count's 77 - Save a Little Something For Me.
Cowboy Diplomacy - Sir Rena Winters.
Coyote Kings & Mush - Walkin' In The Fog.
Crow Black Chicken - The Prophet.
Damon Fowler - Trouble.
Damon Fowler Group - Tall.
Dan Bubien - I Will Take Care Of You.
Dan Lawson Band - Miss Me.
Dan Lawson Band - Story Of The Blues.
Dan McKinnon - 17 Years.
Dan McKinnon - Killing Time.
Dan Patlansky - Hold On.
Dan Patlansky - Mayday.
Dana Gillespie - Blue Moves.
Danny Bryant's Red Eye Band - Day By Day.
Danny Bryant's RedEyeBand - Danny's Blues.
Danny Bryant's Redeyeband - Tell Me.
Dave Evans And Nitzinger - Where She Goes I Go.
Dave Fields - Cold Wind Blowing.
Dave Fields - Pocket Full of Dust.
Dave Specter - This Time I'm Gone For Good.
Dave Steffen Band - Dawn.
Dave Steffen Band - Phantom Lady.
Dave Steffen Band - Seaside Lady.
Dave Steffen Band - Surf Song.
Dave Steffen Band - Workin' Man's Blues.
David Brewer - Bad Habits.
David Brewer - I Must Be Doin Somenthing Wrong.
David Gogo - This Is A Man's Word.
David Rotundo Band - Funky Side of Town.
David Shelley & Bluestone - Living With The Blues.
David Shelley - Living With The Blues.
David Shelley - My Blue Day.
David Shelley - Oceans Of Desire.
Davy Knowles - Falling Apart.
Dawson Smith & the Dissenters - House Of Love.
Daxton - Mood Is Right.
Dead Soul - Kill The past.
Debbie Davies - All I Found.
Delta Moon - Blues In A Bottle.
Delta Moon - Long Way To Go.
Delta Moon - Wang Dang Doodle.
Delta Moon - Wrong Side Of Town.
Delta Radio Band - Down Below.
Dennis Glen Avina & The Blue Gypsies - You'll Be The Last To Cry.
Dennis Jones Band - Stray Bullet.
Derek St Holmes - Sheila.
Devon Allman - Strategy.
Dominic Marsh & Jack C Arnold - Trouble.
Don Griffin - Mama.
Dorothy - Philadelphia.
Doug Gray  - Missing You.
Down To The River - Chitlins Con Carne.
Dr Goodvibe - Hard to Understand.
Dr Hector - Safe in your arms again.
Dr John - Holdin' Pattern.
Dudley Taft - Moonbeam.
Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen - Out Of My Mind.
Early Times and the High Rollers - On the Corner.
East Blues Experience - Keep On Rolling.
Eddie Martin - Like Water.
Eddie Martin - One Man Band.
Eddie Turner - Hoochie Koochie Man.
Eddie Turner - Miss Carrie.
Eddie Turner - Save My Life.
Electric Blue - Boulevard Station.
Elle King - Man's Man.
Elliot And The Untouchables - Home To You.
Elliott & The Untouchables - Voodoo Stew.
Eric Clapton - My father's eyes.
Eric Culberson - Why Did You Life.
Eric Jerardi Band - My Word Waits For You.
Eric Street Band - Reconsider Baby.
Erin Coburn - Puttin' My Mind To Rest.
Federal Charm - Reconsider.
Fernando Noronha & Black Soul - I Waited On.
Fernando Noronha & Black Soul - White Trash.
Flippin - Fall of the Mighty.
Floyd Lee - Mean Blues.
Floyd Lee - Red Sun.
Foghat - So Many Roads, So Many Trains.
Frank Bang - It Don't Make Sense (If You Can't Make Peace).
Frugale - All About The Blues.
Furious Zoo - My Heart Reminds Me.
Furious zoo - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.
GB Roots - Take You Slow.
GT's Boos Band - Lonely Roads.
Gabriel Cox - The Lamb.
Gary Cain - Faith Healer.
Gary Douglas - Every Time I Pray.
Gary Hoey - Fillmore Blues.
Gary Hoey - Pipe.
Gary Hoey - Stranger.
Gary Hoey - Truth.
Gary Moore - I'll Play the Blues for You.
Gary Moore - Living With The Blues.
Gary Moore - Surrender.
Geezer - Red Hook.
Geoff Achison - Dreaming I'm Awake.
Geoff Achison - Magic Belt.
Geoff Achison - Rescue The Past.
Geoff Hartwell - Hate To See You Go.
George Foster - Shot Down.
George Hotte Miller - You Shot Me.
George Thorogood & the Destroyers - Two Trains Running (Still a Fool).
Georgia Blues Dawgs - Lies.
Georgia Van Etten - Prelude - Take Me Down.
Ghost Hounds - Tears for Another.
Glen Heald - Washed Away Her Sins.
Glenn Kaiser - Where Roses Grow.
Gov't Mule - Worried Down With The Blues.
Grace Potter And The Nocturnals - Oasis.
Great White - Was It the Night.
Greg Baril - Every Now and Then.
Greg Stephenson - Evolution Blues.
Gregg Koval - Sloppy Seconds.
Gregg Rolie - Lift Me Up.
Gregg Wright - A House Divided.
Gregg Wright - Brick by Brick.
Gregg Wright - Tricked By the Devil.
Guitar Shorty - Too Late.
Gus Lambros & Electric Mud - Downtime.
Half Street - Shipwrecked.
Hamilton Loomis - A Woman Like You.
Hamish Anderson - Trouble.
Hand Of Dimes - Jacob's Ladder.
Harvey Mandel - Dragons At Play.
Heather Newman - Water And Wine.
Hejdlos - Gryphon.
Herman Brood - Still Believe.
Hibbity Dibbity - Swamp Machinery.
Hoopleheads - The Veil.
Horsfall - Time For A Change.
Howard Glazer - Emergency.
Hugo Race & The True Spirit - Man Check Your Woman.
Hugo Race - Never Say Never.
Hugo Race - Slow Fry.
Ian Parker - Love So Cold.
Indigenous - Hear My Voice.
Indigenous - Six Feet Down.
Innes Sibun - Bloodhounds.
Innes Sibun - Sweet Disposition.
Ivy Gold - Without You.
Izzo Blues Coalition - It's Been A Long Long Time (ft Mimmo Oliveri).
Izzy The Cat - Magnolia.
JJ Grey And Mofro - Move It On.
JP Stingray - Trying Ain't Enough.
JT Coldfire Band - Pistol Lead.
Jake Tavill - I Ain't Me.
James Crouch - Black Stockings.
Jan Cronin - Hello Blues.
Jan James - Heart Of The Blues.
Jan James - I'm A Gambler.
Janet Ryan - Mr. Misery.
Jay Jesse Johnson - Can't Give Up On Love.
Jay Jesse Johnson - Fate of Tomorrow.
Jay Jesse Johnson - Six String Angel.
Jay White The Blues Commanders - I Had A Hole In My Heart.
Jeff Fetterman - Blues for Charlie.
Jeff Liberman - Blue Sky Blues.
Jeff Liberman - How Much I Love You.
Jeff Liberman - Vibes I Get From You.
Jeff Liberman Project - The Thrill Is Gone.
Jeremiah Johnson Band - Here We Go Again.
Jess Klein - Learning Faith.
Jim Allchin - Chime Blues.
Jim McCarty Blues Band - Black Hearted Woman.
Joanna Connor - Bad News.
Joe Alford - Hey There.
Joe Bonamassa - A Place In My Heart.
Joe Bonamassa - Dust Bowl.
Joe Bonamassa - Too Much Ain't Enough Love.
Joe Lewis Band - I Like It.
Joe Louis Walker - As The Sun Goes Down.
Joe Satriani - All of My Life.
Joey Gilmore - Bit Off More Than I Could Chew.
Joey Gilmore - Last Two Dollars.
John Black Wolf - Alone in the Dark.
John Doe Trio - So Long.
John Doe Trio - Stranger.
John Earl Walker - I'm Already Gone.
John Frick Band - Drown My Blues.
John Lyons Band - Lonely Fool.
John Martyn - Cobbles.
John Martyn - Mama T.
John Mayall - So Many Roads (Featuring Otis Rush).
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Tears Came Rollin' Down.
John Mcvey - Shadows In My Room.
John Phelps - Slave To My Woman.
John Verity - Nothing But The Blues.
Johnnie Lovesin - Prisoner To Your Love.
Johnny Fontane & The Rivals - Tell Me.
Johnny Mastro and Mama's Boys - Shades of Grey.
Johnny Rieger - Butchery.
Johnny Riley - Cold Cold Summer.
Johnny Wind - Tell Me More.
Jon Amor - Hit So Hard.
Jon Butcher - Senor Garcia.
Jon Dretto - So Many Things.
Jonny Lang - Nice And Warm.
Jorge Salan & The Majestic Jaywalkers - The Thrill Is Gone.
Journey - Kiss Me Softly.
Journey - Livin' To Do.
Julian Sas - Fear Of Falling.
Julian Sas - Ragin' River.
Julian Sas - Tell Me Why.
Jump Back - Excuse Me Please.
Justin Johnson - Rock in the Jungle.
Justin Johnson - Son of a Witch.
Kal David - The Visit.
Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues - Room Next Door.
Keith Patterson - Fascination.
Kelly Richey - Angel From Heaven.
Kent Earl Housman - Wham Bam Man.
Kerry Silvers - Worried Mind.
King Of The World - Beating Like A Drum.
King Of The World - The Waiting Game.
Knock Kneed Sally - Bottle Of Gin.
Kris Heaton Blues Band - Night Train.
Kris Pohlmann - Revelation.
Kris Pohlmann Band - Just Can't Make It On My Own.
Kris Pohlmann Band - One for Sorrow.
Kris Pohlmann Band - The Blues Inside.
Krishna Jones - Serious Crime.
Krissy Matthews - The Soul Will Never Die.
Kurt Allen - How Long.
Lachy Doley Group, The - Use Me.
Lady D - Karma Is a Bitch.
Larry Carter - Blue Sky.
Larry Miller - Rescue Me.
Larry Miller - The Power You Have.
Larry Miller Band - Blues Forever.
Laurence Jones - The Thrill Is Gone.
Laurence Jones - Thunder In The Sky.
Lee Small - The Captain's Quarters.
Left Foot Sally - Lester.
Leroy Miller - Lessons Learned.
Leroy Powell & the Messengers - Evil.
Leslie West - Dragon Lady.
Lew Jetton & 61 South - I Been Cheated.
Lies Or Lullabies - Blue.
Lisa Lim - You Got Me.
Lisa Smith's Powerhaus - I Am.
Little Hurricane - Poor Me.
Lohrs - The Blue.
Lucky Lloyd - I Feel The Pain.
Lucky Pete - Lonely Night.
Lucy Malheur - No Friend Of Mine.
Luxuriant Sedans - Cold Day in Hell.
M ill ion - Lovely Eyes.
Main Street Blues - Cold Bed.
Main Street Blues - Move On.
Malted Milk - Daddy Has a Gun.
Mammothor - Worst Night.
Marc Eric - Let it Come Down.
Marc Ford - My Love.
Marc Reece - Drivin' Down.
Marcus Lazarus - Worn Out Shoes.
Maria Daines - Chained to You.
Maria Daines - What If.
Mark & Deb - The Sky Is Falling.
Mark Doyle And The Maniacs - Payback's A Bitch.
Mark Robinson - Blue Moon Howl.
Marshall X - Love Is Blind.
Martin J Andersen - With Hope and Perseverance.
Marty Stokes & The Captiva Band - Stop.
Matt Andersen - Between The Lines.
Matt Backer - Histrionic Narcissist Blues (Let's Talk About Me).
Matt Minglewood - Darkest Shade Of Blue.
Matt Pearce & The Mutiny - Some People.
Matt Smith - Let Me In.
Matt The Rattlesnake Lesch - Ride This Train.
Max Rogue, The Vagabonds - My Mind.
Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band - Enough Is Enough.
Melissa Etheridge - The Medicine Show.
Meniketti - Hard As I Try.
Micah Bournes - I Don't Pay No Mind.
Michael Burks - 24 Hour Blues.
Michael Burks - Make It Rain.
Michael Burks - Valley of Tears.
Michael Elrod - Don't Tease Me.
Michael Katon - Hold On Memphis.
Michael Lee - The Thrill Is Gone.
Michael Mann - I Still Got My Guitar.
Michel Cusson - Drowning Memories.
Mick Clarke - You Gonna Miss Me.
Mick Simpson - Drowning In My Tears.
Mick Simpson - Promised The Earth.
Micki Free - God Is On The Phone.
Micki Free - Wounded Knee.
Micki Free Electric Blues - Six Feet Down in The Blues.
Midnite Johnny - Hello trouble.
Midnite Johnny - Trouble Fallin' Down.
Mighty Joe King - Born Blue (I Want You).
Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel - Bills In My Kitchen.
Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel - Do Whatcha Gotta Do.
Mike Mills - Tryin' to Forget You Baby.
Mike Morgan & The Crawl - Five Thoiusand Miles From Home.
Mike Zito & The Wheel - Pearl River.
Mike Zito - Old Black Graveyard.
Mile Train - One More Chance.
Miller Anderson - Hight Tide and Hight Water.
Mindi Abair And The Boneshakers - Done Me Wrong.
Minor Components - Walk All Over Me.
Miss Kaytie - Cry My Love.
Mister Bolin's Late Night Revival - Slow Driver (Kimberly Dahme).
Mitch Ryder - Mercy.
Mr Blues - Living the Blues.
Mr Wob And The Canes - Not Your Negro.
Mudbone - Got Blues Enough.
Mudlow - Caz.
Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin - Freedom (Ft Jesse O'Brien & Mary Jane Russell).
NEAL BLACK, The Healers - Don't Follow Me There.
Naked Blue - Fall From Grace.
Neal Black & The Healers - Pigalle 4 A.M..
Neal Black - Mississippi Doctor.
Nick Harless & The Harless Brothers - I Don't Love You Anymore.
Nigel Bagge - Am I Losing You.
Old Grey Mule - Have Mercy.
Omar & The Howlers - Sugar Ditch.
Orianthi - Lights Of Manos.
Otis Grand - Satan's Blues.
Otis Taylor - Feel Like Lightning.
Otis Taylor - Huckleberry Blues.
Otis Taylor - Tripping On This.
Otis Taylor - Your 10 Dollar Bill.
Paradise Blue - I Need You.
Patrick Woolam - Too Real to Be Dreaming.
Patrick Yandall - Midnight Blues.
Patrik Jansson Band - Lonis.
Paul Reddick & The Sidemen - Tumblin' Down.
Paul Rose - Get Carter.
Paul Rose - Throw me a line.
Paul Wood - Seventh Day.
Peewee Bluesgang - Baby Please Please.
Peter Green Splinter Group - Feeling Good.
Peter Karp - Let it on out.
Peter Karp - Rolling On A Log.
Peter Parcek - The Supernatural.
Philip Sayce - Alchemy.
Philip Sayce - Fade Into You.
Plastic Teardrops - Come On.
Pristine - The Last Day.
Putnam Short - Fire.
Q Stone - Do You Still Love Me.
Quiet The Dog - Buckshot Blues.
Quiet the Dog - Content in Sadness.
Quiet the Dog - Denial.
Rags n' Bones - That River.
Rashad the Blues Kid - Crazy About You.
Raw Glory - In Control.
Rebekah Meldrum - Set Your Soul Free.
Rick Derringer - I'll Be Lovin' You.
Rick Fowler - Feel So Much Better.
Rick Moore - Better Off With The Blues.
Ritchie Dave Porter - Morphine Blues.
Robbie Robertson - Hardwired.
Robbie Robertson - Let Love Reign.
Robbie Robertson - The Right Mistake.
Robin Trower - Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds.
Robin Trower - In My Dream.
Robin Trower - Playful Heart.
Robin Trower - Returned in Kind.
Robin Trower - Sheltered Moon.
Robin Trower - What Lies Beneath.
Robin Trower, Maxi Priest, Livingstone Brown - Good Day.
Rock Crusade - Travelin' Light.
Rocky Athas - No More Breath.
Rocky Jackson - Shoulda Never Left Texas.
Ron Evans Group - Thing For You.
Rory Kelly's Triple Threat - High Enough To Fall.
Rory Kelly's Triple Threat - Loves Got A Hold.
Roy Trevino - Thank You.
Rso - Blues Won't Leave Me Alone.
Rudy Rotta - Money Money.
Rudy Rotta Band - You're Gone.
Ryan McGarvey - Ain't Enough Whiskey.
Ryan McGarvey - So Close To Heaven.
Ryan Mcgarvey - Blue Eyed Angel Blues.
Ryan Neville - Heart Beats All Alone.
Saint Lu - Ankle-Biter.
Sam Morrison Band - Whiskey.
Sari Schorr - Beautiful (Single Edit).
Sari Schorr - King of Rock and Roll.
Satisfied Drive - Blues Song.
Savoy Brown - Crying Guitar.
Scott Bloodsworth - Best Of Me.
Scott Ellison - Big Blue Car.
Scott Ellison - These Blues Got A Hold On Me.
Scott Ellison - These Blues Gotta Hold On Me.
Scott McKeon - Fego.
Sean Chambers - Be Careful With A Fool.
Sean Chambers - In the Winter Time.
Sean Chambers - Taildragger.
Sean Chambers - Welcome to My Blues.
Sean Poluk - Been A While.
Sean Poluk - Lord's Prayer Blues.
Sean Webster Band - Start Again.
Sean Webster Band - Story of My Life.
Sena Ehrhardt - If Trouble Was Money.
Sena Ehrhardt - Last Chance.
Shri Blues Band  - Operator.
Silver Dimes, The - Double Trouble.
Simon Kinny-Lewis - Down In Mississippi.
Simply Blue - Arabian Blues.
Sister Lucille - Lost.
Sit Down, Servant!! - Between Heaven And Dripping Springs.
Snowy White & The White Flames - On the Edge of Something.
Snowy White - How Was It for You.
Son Powers - Hard Luck And Trouble.
Son Powers - Hurting Thing.
Sonny Landreth - Storm Of Worry.
Southbound Snake Charmers - Ride On (Remastered).
Spirit Level - It's A Hard Life.
Split Whiskers - I'll Play The Blues For You.
Stacie Collins - Cool.
Starlite Campbell Band - Cry Over You.
Static And Surrender - Just Because.
Stephen Andrew Bahakel - Bombshell.
Stephen Dale Petit - 10 Year Blues.
Stephen Dale Petit - Approximately Perfect Heartbreak.
Stephen Dale Petit - Told You So.
Steve Gibb - Cosmic Man.
Steve Hunter - The Idler.
Steve Johnson - Worried Blues.
Steve Lukather - Shine On You Crazy Diamond.
Steve Tallis - The First Degree (ft Skip McDonald & Evan Jenkins).
Steve Winwood - Dirty City.
Stoney Curtis Band - Blues Without You.
Studebaker John - End To The Lies.
Summertime Blues Band - Burning Bridge.
Sunchild - You Keep Me Floating.
Tad Robinson - He's Movin' In (To Her Life).
Tas Cru - Daddy Didn't Give You Much.
Tas Cru - Drive On.
Texas Slim - Coyote Moon Blues.
The Alan Marcus Blue Project - Waiting For You.
The Almost Three - Bag of Sweets.
The Almost Three - It's Just Music.
The Andy Taylor Group - Cruel Cruel Woman.
The Barrelhouse Brothers - Can't Get You Off Of My Mind.
The Bihlman Brothers - Hold Out Your Hand.
The Blue Stones - Careless.
The Blues Mystery - Time To Forgive.
The Blues Rebels - Burning Deep.
The Bluesbones - Betrayal.
The Bluesbones - She's Got The Devil In Her.
The Bluesbones - World Start Bleeding.
The Bluesmasters - In The Clouds.
The Buddaheads - Amen.
The Buddaheads - Mountain Of Blues.
The Burnsides - The Silence.
The Cadillac Black - Down To The River.
The Checks - Candyman Shimmer.
The Cold Stares - Ways.
The Communal Well - Larceny.
The Compulsions - Buzz Awhile.
The Dahman Beck Band - Days of Missing You.
The Decoys - Down In Texas.
The Decoys - What's Up With That.
The Diamond Light - Needing Me Now.
The Dirty Mojo Blues Band - Missin You.
The Force - After The Storm.
The Fred Mitchim Band - Love Story.
The Holds - Here 'n' Now.
The Human Project - Highway 58.
The Josh Pilot Band  - Drowning In Misery.
The Lucky Dutch - Heartbreak.
The Mule Newman Band - Sun Gone Down.
The Nimmo Brothers - Long Way From Everything.
The Nobby Reed Project - Cure For The Blues.
The Pat McManus Band - Loving Kind.
The Pretty Reckless - Cold Blooded.
The Roadside Bandits Project - Solace.
The Rockin' Blues Express - Bird With a Broken Wing.
The Smoke Wagon Blues Band - Matapedia River Blues.
The Solid Suns - Holes.
The Sonny Moorman Group - You Quit On Me Baby.
The Steepwater Band - Won't Be Long For Now.
The Steve Schuffert Band - Hold Somebody.
The Whiskey Prophets - Paper Shells.
Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado - I Used To Love You.
Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado - Long Gone.
Three's Company Blues - Nobody But You.
Tim Wheeler & The Soul Shufflers - Guitar String Blues.
Tim Woods - Vortex.
Tinsley Ellis - Freeway Soul.
Tinsley Ellis - Time To Quit.
Tito & Tarantula - Strange Face.
Toby Lee - The Search For Happiness.
Todd Wolfe - Cold Black Night.
Tom Gilberts - Sun Vibe.
Tom Killner - So Long.
Tom McGuinness - The Wrong Woman.
Tommy Castro & the Painkillers - Ride.
Tommy Castro - Hydcodan.
Tommy Hogan - Town To Town.
Tony Black & Buddy Whittington - Too Much Month at the End of the Money.
Tony Joe White - Hoochie Woman.
Tony Joe White - Soul Francisco.
Tony Joe White - Swamp Water.
Tony Joe White - Sweet Tooth.
Tony Joe White - Willie And Laura Mae Jones.
Tony Spinner - Never Meant To Hurt You.
Tony Tucker - Down The Road Of Blues.
Tony Tucker - Waiting For The Night To Turn Blue.
Too Mutz Blues Band  - Since I've been loving you.
Too Slim And The Taildraggers - Potent 8.
Too Slim And The Taildraggers - Testament.
Toth Bagi Band - October.
Trainwreck - Raining in my Heart.
Triple J - Long Train Comin.
Tubesnakes - But My Babe.
Twelve Bar Blues Band - Life Is Hard.
Twelve Bar Blues Band - Standing On Melting Ice.
Twelve Bar Blues Band - The Blues Has Got Me.
Ty Curtis - Seen My Chance.
Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - Devil's Keep.
Vargas Blues Band - Do You Belive In Love.
Vince Agwada - Eyes Of The City.
Vince Agwada - Hard To Cry.
Void Commander - Game of Mushrooms.
Walking Papers - Red And White.
Walter Trout - All I want is you.
Walter Trout - Doin' Just Fine.
Walter Trout - Me My Guitar And The Blues.
Walter Trout - Nobody Moves Me Like You Do.
Walter Trout - Song For My Guitar.
WellBad - Different State of Mind.
Wes Jeans - Drownin' On Dry Land.
West Water Outlaws - Things I Meant To Say.
Wight Lighters - Just Believe.
Wille & the Bandits - Keep Your Head Up.
Willie May - Speak Your Mind.
Wily Bo Walker - Loan Me A Dime.
Wolves Like Me - Jimbo Jam.
Woody - Dust.
Y'akoto - Reception.
ZZ Top - Over You.
Zed Mitchell  - I'm A River.
Zero - Devil's Dick Blues.

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