Female Blues Rock - 50 Оттенков блюз-рока

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2 июля 2022 г.
Vol.1 July 2, 2022, 200 Tracks. 2 GB, NonStop 15:39:17
Vol.2. July 2, 2022, 190 Tracks. 1.8 GB, NonStop 13:57:05

2000 - 2022

3AM - Glory Box
49 Ford - Think It's Gonna Rain
72Blues - Lay My Burden Down
AJ Plug - Never Gonna Stop
Abbe May - I'm over You
Adia Victoria - The Needle's Eye
Alabama Shakes - Don’t Wanna Fight
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet 2007
Ali Maas & Micky Moody - Horse Or A Harley
Alice Free - No Goin' Back
Ally Venable - Broken
Amanda Fish - Don't Mean A Thing
Ana Popovic - Need Your Love
Angel Forrest - Ain't No Doubt
Angelina - God Bless The Road
Anna Rudolph - Yo-Yo On a String
Anna Scionti - 75 Bucks of Pure Joy
Anni Piper - Contagious
Avey Grouws Band - Mariana
Avi Rosenfeld & Ethel Aldrete - I Know That Its You
Avi Rosenfeld & Ethel Aldrete - Rocks Rolling Down
BBB - Love Can Hurt
Be Sharp Band - Ashes
Beat & Sweet - Still Got the Blues
Becky Barksdale - New Year's Resolution Blues
Beki Bondage - Son Of A Preacher Man
Bellemont - Did You Ever (Lavish)
Bernie Barlow - When Love Comes to Town
Beth Garner - Backroads Freddie
Beth Hart & The Oceans Of Soul - Am I the One
Bette Smith - I'm A Sinner (Ft Jimbo Matthus)
Betty Blackmail Band - Quicksand
Big Wolf Band - Better Man
Black Cat Road - Coal Mine
Black Lung Lucy - Thousand Men
Black River Rebellion - Buried
Blackstone Puppets - Hopes & Dreams
Bloody Diamonds - I'm Not a Machine
BlueTouch - Reconsider Baby
Blues Engine - Danse Macabre
Blues Pills  - Time Is Now
Blues Saraceno - Run on for a Long Time (feat. Gbbpp1601703)
Bonnie Raitt - I Need You Tonight
Bourbon House - Music in Your Bones
Bourbon House - Slow Burn
Bridget Kelly Band - Snow Fall
Bywater Call - Walk On By
CC Coletti - Little Piece of You
CC Coletti - Trouble With Me
Carolyn Wonderland - Swamp
Casey Hensley - You Should Be So Lucky
Castle Creek - Burning Bridges
Catfish Kray Band - Honey Don't Do It
Cathy Jean - Free Willy's Bar
Cathy Lemons & Johnny Ace - Get This Thing Off'a My Back
Cee Cee James - Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl
Chantel McGregor - Burn Your Anger
Chloe Litton - Whipping Post
Christina Crofts - Voodoo Queen
Christina Skjolberg - Mrs Funk
Clare Free - Scars
Coyote Kings & Mush - Best You Couldn't Do
Coyote Kings - Shakin' It
Crystal Shawanda - Evil Memory
Dallas Frasca - Catch Me When I Fall
Dana Fuchs - Backstreet Baby
Dana Gillespie - Beat Of My Own Drum
Danielia Cotton - Make U Move
Danielle Nicole - Save Me
Dead Man Tells No Tales - The City is Crying (ft Rimma Rukh)
Deb Ryder - Red Line
Deborah Bonham - Religion
Deborah Coleman - I'm A Woman
Delta Deep - Down In the Delta
Delta Moon - Wang Dang Doodle
Diana Rein - I Can't Quit You
Dione Taylor - Workin'
Dorothy - Ain’t Our Time To Die
Dreamboogie - Someone Else Is Steppin’ In
Duffy Bishop - Must Be My Fault
Echo Del Tusker - Colour of Love
Eddy Wilson's Blues Band - I Just Can't Wait No More
Electric Blue - Born In Sin
Eliana Cargnelutti - Alone
Eliza Neals; Derek st. Holmes - Never Stray
Elizabeth Cook - Slow Pain
Elle King - Man's Man
Elles Bailey - Cheats and Liars
Elli de Mon - You
Emily H, the Blues Explosion - I'm a Woman
Erin Coburn - Snap In Half
Erja Lyytinen - Slowly Burning
Evelyn Rubio - Border Town
Felicia Collins - Mr. Right Now
Gaelle Buswel - Lingering Shadow
Gaupa - The Drunk Autopussy Wants To Fight You
Gema Pearl - Going Down Singing
Ghalia & Mama's Boys - Press That Trigger
Ghalia Volt - Just One More Time
Gin Wigmore - Dirty Mercy
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - The Divide
Gunn - Blind Ambition
Gunn - Crawlin' Back To You
Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones - Bomb Through The Breeze
Heather Newman - Dirty Blues
Helen Rose - Trouble Holdin' Back
Highway Hunters - It's Time
Howlin' May Queen - A New Day Will Come (The May Pray)
Hurricane Ruth - Dirty blues
In Layman Terms - Ain't Gonna Fake It No More
In This Moment - Joan Of Arc
Ina Forsman & Helge Tallqvist Band - 5-10-15 Hours
Ivy Gold - Without You
JP Williams Blues Band, Ekat Pereyra - Around Midnite
Jan James - Heart Of The Blues
Jane Lee Hooker - Champagne And Reefer
Janet Ryan - Say Goodbye
Janiva Magness - I Don't Want You On My Mind
Jason Lane Band - Keep Me Guessing
Jax Hollow - High Class Bitch
Jeff Bhasker - Last Damn Night
Jess Klein - Surrender
Jessy Martens & Band - Insanity
Jill Fulton - Peculiar Kind Of Love
Joanna Connor - 20 Blues
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Scraps Vignette
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt feat. G Love and Gov't Mule's Danny Louis - Cinderella
Joe Horn & Broken For Good - Talk To Jesus (Ft Donna Howell)
Joon Wolfsberg - I'm Alive Now
Juliana Riccardi - Wire
Kara Grainger - Breaking Up Somebody's Home
Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues - Room Next Door
Kat Perkins - Let's Get on the Road
Kat Riggins - Truth
Kathy & The Kilowatts - Read 'em & Weep
Kathy Boyé - All for You
Katie Henry - Bury You
Kelly Richey - I Want To Run
Kelly's Lot - All Hope Ain't Lost
Kendra Gale Band, The - Broke My Heart
Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene - Motor Vixen From Hell
King Bee And The Stingers - Hound Dog
Kirsten Thien - Shoulda Been
Kozmic Blue - Satelite
Kozmik Landing - Keeper
Lady D - Karma Is a Bitch
Lara Price - Happy Blue Year
Larkin Poe - Jailbreak
Laura Cox - Last Breakdown
Lauren Anderson - Stop
Layla Zoe - Automatic Gun
Lee Aaron - Diamond Baby Blues
Lena & The Slide Brothers - Not Your Fault
Letizia Micheli - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Linda Imperial - The Storm Is Over
Lindsay Beaver - Lost Cause
Lisa Lim - Our River
Lisa Mann - Judge a Man Forever
Lisa Smith's Powerhaus - 50 Foot Chain
Lita Ford - Little Wing
Liz Lannon - Lonely
Liz Mandeville - Dog No More
Louis & Carla Tardini,  Taleb Taleb and Andrew Ternes - Breaking Up Somebody's Home
Louise Hoffsten - I Need You God Damn (Real Version)
Low Society - Texas Goodnight
Low Society - The Freeze
Lucinda Williams - Bone of Contention
Lucy Malheur - No Friend Of Mine
Lynne Jackaman - One Shot
Maples Blues Band - The Thrill Is Gone
Maria Daines - Flames of the Blues
Maria Muldaur - I Am Not Alone
Markey Blue - The Blues Are Knockin'
Martha Jane & The Talisman - The World Knows
Mary Everhart - Truth Gets Buried in the Lies
Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band - Enough Is Enough
Melissa Etheridge - This Human Chain
Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers - Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
Minnie Marks - 40 Love
Miss Quincy & The Showdown - Making Money
Miss Velvet And The Blue Wolf - Like You Do
Mojo Hands - Gasoline And Matches
Mojo Preachers - Dont Bring Me Down
Moonshine Society (Ft Jason Ricci) - Sweet Thing
Naked Blue - Fall From Grace
Niecie - Bed Of Lies
Nikki James - You're A Dreamer
Nina Van Horn - Enough Is Enough
No Sinner - Devil On My Back
Norine Braun - Mistletoe Blues
Orianthi - Blow
Pinewolf & The Pack - Boom Boom Boom
Plastic Teardrops - Come On
Pristine - Blind Spot
Rack Doll - Start All Over
Rags n' Bones - Used To Be Heaven
Rebecca Downes - If I Go To Sleep
Rebekah Meldrum - Set Your Soul Free
Regina Bonelli - Killing Floor
Renee Hose - Hell Fire And Holy Water
Revel In Dimes - Dimes
Rhythm Zoo - Coco Blue
Riff Riders - Rumors
Robin Loxley & Wolfgang Black - Bury My Love
Rosedale - Drifting
Rosemary Butler - New Mexico Cadillac (ft David Lindley, Michael Finnigan, Leland Sklar, Russell Kunkel & Kenny Edwards)
Ruhr Pott Rock & Cathy Mullaert - Think What Your Doin
Sam Bowen & The Blue Cat Groove - Come On In
Samantha Fish - Twisted Ambition
Sandy Carroll - Sundown (Lay The Day To Bed)
Sara Baldwin - No Turning Back
Sara Robinson Band - Oh
Sarah Ross - Headed for a Goodbye
Sari Schorr - Ain't Got No Money
Sass Jordan - The Key
Savage Rose - Freedom to Love
Sena Ehrhardt - If Trouble Was Money
Shanda & The Howlers - Want You Anyway
Shannon Curfman - Can't Let You Go
Shaun Murphy - Power of Love
Shine Eye Dee & The Bad Fish - Lights In The Sky
Shri Blues Band  - When the Levee Breaks
Sister Simone and the Holy Balls - Such a shame
Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds - Horse to Water
Skylar Rogers - Back to Memphis
Skyline - Home
Soul Return - In the Meantime
Southwest by Midnight - Cargo
Stacie Collins - Can't Do Without You
Stacy Wilde - Make You My Man
Star & Dagger  - Your Money
StoneWire - FTM
Stonefield - Midnight
Stu Heydon Blues Band - Here I Go Again
Sue Foley - 81
Sue Foley - Pinky's Blues
Susan Santos - Dirty Money
Tamin' Thunder - Does She Love You Like I Do
Tea's Half Acoustic - Point of no return
Temporary Roads - A New Day To Come
The Black Sorrows - That's a Pretty Good Love
The Black Wizards - Soul keeper
The Bloody Nerve - Paint Shop
The Broken View - Start Over
The Cornbread Project - Rollin' & Tumblin'
The Cosmic Trip Advisors - Preachin' Blues
The Damn Truth - Broken Blues
The Jack Wood - The Beast
The Jefferson Archive - Dangerous Love
The Lucky Losers - Last Ride
The Michelle Taylor Band - Dirty Love
The Michelle Taylor Band - One Foot in the Gutter
The Nova Hawks - Voodoo
The Pretty Reckless - Already Dead
The STAKS Band - Like a Hurricane
The Savage Rose - The Storm
The Stone Coyotes - Let The Wild Horse Run
The Vindys - Don't Tell Me Just Love Me
The Voodoo Child - See You At Night
Three's Company Blues - Siphon
Tiphony Dames & Coyote Kings - Down With The Blues
Tracey Barnett - Cold Heart
Trixie Whitley - Never Enough
Val Starr & The Blues Rocket - Don't Love 'Em
Van Wild - Hey Old Man
Vanja Sky - Bad Penny
Veronique Gayot - In The Hand Of The Blues
Vikings Of Blues - Explode
Virginia and Skybenders - Same Old Story
Wendy Rich - Back to Zero
When Rivers Meet - Did I Break The Law
Whisky Legs - King Street
Wide Open - Feel Alright
Wildmen Bluesband - Devil
Winter Moon - One Hundred Ways
Y'Akoto - Moodyman
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